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Our Capabilities

Design Service

Pierson Industries is your partner and solution provider with over 40 years of experience designing high quality molds that are capable of molding parts that are designed for manufacturability (DFM) within tight tolerances.

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing plays an important role in our development process to capture customer's  feedback on physical models early on.  Our 3D printing capabilities offer .001" XY resolution, layer thickness down to .001" and a various materials.


Prototype is a critical step in our development process.  Different processes can be used to prototype your final product such as 3D printing and single cavity development.

Injection Molding

Pierson industries offers a formidable combination of experience in plastic injection mold design with the latest CAD technologies. This enables development for engineering tools in a wide array of industries ranging from consumer goods to medical products.


USA  based tool shop in house with highly skilled mold maker staff.  We offer free maintenance for 5 years at no extra cost to the customer.

Assembly & Packaging

Our commitment and expertise provides a smooth, seamless experience and total quality assurance from start to finish.  We offer logistic handling, packaging and warehousing.

Did you know injection molding was invented by John Wesley Hyatt to manufacture consumer goods using celluloid, a substitute for ivory?  Hyatt's manufacturing company was stablished in Albany, NY in 1872 later moved to Newark NJ.

Make your injection molding solution here at Pierson Industries Inc., think end cost, not upfront cost.

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